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Zite – Personalized Magazine

Zite – Personalized Magazine

You like Flipboard? Try another app called Zite.

Zite lets you add your twitter feed or GoogleReader to your magazine, you can choose from a long list of subjects to add to your feed or if you want to really drill it down to a specific subject, you can type your subject manually in.

Once the magazine is started up, it looks for feeds on the subjects you selected, it will provide you with personalised news, blogs, videos etc.

Once you are reading your stories, you can “thumbs up or thumbs down” on the stories so it learns on what you are reading about, the more you vote, the smarter it gets and produces the content you want to read about.

Zite Personalized Magazine

Want flash on the iPad?

So you want to use flash on your iPad, well you can now and it’s simple!

Simply download a new app from the app store called iSwifter. It’s a browser which can handle flash for the iPad.

iSwifterWhen you first use it, after 30 seconds it will ask you to purchase the app. You can either purchase it or press cancel. If you press cancel, the browser will close and then open it up and continue to use it, otherwise purchase it for more

Try playing some flash games or view a your favourite flash site… It’s not a bad app!

Download iSwifter