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Well, my blog on my Tivo experience will be coming soon…

Just a heads up though, I just purchased a Tivo today and i get it home, i put it all together and i go to activate it but i cant… i check out the alerts on and it says you are doing maintenance on:

Wednesday, August 3 – 10am to 5pm (AEST)
Thursday, August 4 – 10am to 5pm (AEST)
Friday, August 5 – 10am to 5pm (AEST)
Monday, August 8 – 8am to 8pm (AEST)

Today is Saturday 6th August, 2011 and there is no scheduled maintenance…it’s not a good start…

I have sent an email to support…
… I have placed a message on Facebook ( )
… and i have tweeted Tivo too ( @TivoAustralia )

I am understanding that Tivo are doing maintenance but when their site says it should be right, then it should be right.

I have received the ‘canned’ email reply, lets see how they go at customer service and technical support from here.

Im happy that Tivo made a quick reply via their Facebook presence, 29 minutes which is great.
Im also happy with their response which just goes to show they do offer a good customer support.

This was their reply “yes no scheduled maintenance today. But don’t worry if it’s not activating, the TiVo is good for 7 days without online activation. If the problem persists over the weekend please email Support and they will address it after Tuesday.”

Im very excited to get it going… i do love new gadgets!

So coming next, i will give my verdict on the Tivo Media Device, give me a couple of days to play with it! :)

**UPDATE 2**
Account Activated: Mission accomplish! Now the fun begins! :)

I purchased the Network package – what a great waste of time for a Mac User! Avoid purchasing, its basically, $100 donation into the Tivo company, it does nothing for the user!

I tried to contact Tivo to ask for assistance, but no reply, no support on their website…nothing…

Overall, I do like the Tivo product except for the Network Package…. this has failed me and has let the product down! Tivo need to look at the Mac market, as things have changed over the last few years with the advent of iPhone, iPad etc, their user base has grown quiet significantly!