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EmojiTracker – Realtime Emoji usage on Twitter

EmojiTracker There are hundreds of emojis out there. Have you ever wondered how they are used? Check out the most used and the ones which don’t get a look-in by visiting EmojiTracker. Once you visit EmojiTracker, the site will display an epilepsy warning due to the quick display of the tracker updating. If you suffer

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IFTTT - IF This Then That

Create an Automatic Twitter List with IFTTT

Create an Automatic Twitter List with IFTTT So, I wanted to follow a conference online but didn’t have the time to Scroll through all the hashtags to manually add people to a list. So I jumped onto IFTTT (IF This Then That) and set up some automation. Here’s how I did it… Register or log

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Have you tried CLIK for iPhone?

Well, i follow some random people on Twitter and also some big names too, i like to follow technology and social media Twitter accounts and I get some great idea’s from reading peoples tweets. But i recently followed @Clik. I got a Direct Message (DM) from Clik the other day to try their iPhone app,

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it’s simple, why didn’t anyone else thing of it? Finding informative content on the web is as important. THOORA has way to discover and share this content by you creating topics, or simply use some of THOORA’s. You could describe THOORA as a Tivo for Web content, click the ‘heart’ to like the story, click the ‘trash can’ if

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Stumble Upon is now Mix

Social Media Monitoring

Looking to monitor your social networks? Check out this extensive lists of Social Media Monitoring Solutions courtesy of Do you recommend any? Let us know and leave a comment below.

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Twitter + Television = Twelevision

Do you jump onto twitter and follow everyone who is tweeting about a live television show? If so, you should give “Twelevision” a crack! Download the Twelevision app from iTunes (price – Free for a limited time) and log on in with your twitter account. It will ask you to pick your state and area

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If you use twitter and you want to keep track of your tweets, check this service out. Twistory or TWItter hiSTORY. You can use their free account but the pro account is well worth the big US$1 per month. So what Twistory will do, it will download your tweets into your iCal, Outlook or google

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