Twitter + Television = Twelevision

Do you jump onto twitter and follow everyone who is tweeting about a live television show? If so, you should give “Twelevision” a crack!

Download the Twelevision app from iTunes (price – Free for a limited time) and log on in with your twitter account. It will ask you to pick your state and area (in Australia) and bobs your uncle.

It will hook into the Australian tv guides and will have the channel listing on the left hand side. Simply pick a channel and a show and watch everyone tweeting about it… You can also join in on the fun and tweet too.


So after using Twelevision over the last 24 hours, i found some nice hidden bits which i didnt discover the night before. So i thought i would tell you about them!

If you click on a channel/show to tweet about and select someones tweet, the screen slides across, you can then preview the selected tweet, reply to it or simply retweet. You are also able to give someone a “sticker”, Twelevision define a sticker as “No need to type your opinions, there is a suite of emotion-charged Response Stickers you can slap on any tweet with one touch.” You select one of the 8 stickers for a quick responce to someones tweet which is a nice way to let someone know how you feel without having to waste time thinking of something to respond with, that makes it nice and easy! Some of the other features are, you can view the persons Twitter profile, view their latest Tweet(s), see who they are following, you can also add their followers to your Twitter account, see what they are watching PLUS see if they have earned any Twelevision badges.

Speaking of badges, similar to other social networking applications such as FourSquare, users who utilise Twelevision can earn badges the more they use the app. Some of the badges you can earn are “Drama Queens, Couch potato, Rookie and Night Owl”. This gives the user a bit of a goal when using the app and we all want those badges!

Other advanced options are customising your channel listing, so here you can turn on or off what channels to view on your TV guide and just like Twitter itself, you can view your “mentions” and “recent tweets“.

The more i use Twelevision, the more i am loving it, this app is really catered to the avid fan who likes tweeting about live TV shows, if that sounds like you, get yourself a copy today!

Twelevision is available for iPad and now iPhone.

For more information on the app, visit their website at