Nik Kingsman

Chat GPT

Introducing ChatGPT

The AI-Powered Deep Learning Model for Natural, Human-Like Conversation and Task Assistance Have you ever wished you had a personal assistant that could carry on a conversation with you and help you with your tasks? Well, ChatGPT might be the next best thing. Developed by OpenAI, ChatGPT is a deep learning model that is trained

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EmojiTracker Image
Social Media

EmojiTracker – Realtime Emoji usage on Twitter

EmojiTracker There are hundreds of emojis out there. Have you ever wondered how they are used? Check out the most used and the ones which don’t get a look-in by visiting EmojiTracker. Once you visit EmojiTracker, the site will display an epilepsy warning due to the quick display of the tracker updating. If you suffer

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IFTTT - IF This Then That

Create an Automatic Twitter List with IFTTT

Create an Automatic Twitter List with IFTTT So, I wanted to follow a conference online but didn’t have the time to Scroll through all the hashtags to manually add people to a list. So I jumped onto IFTTT (IF This Then That) and set up some automation. Here’s how I did it… Register or log

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WeGraphics – a graphics designers best friend!

Are you looking for graphic design resources, well you have come to the right place. WeGraphics offer some free resources to entice you to join their premium service, check out what you can download for free and shortly you will grab your credit card out and upgrade to their premium service, that’s what i did.

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Spotify logo

Spotify and Boxee Box by D-Link
a match made in heaven

So I was at a Salesforce conference in Sydney a week ago called Cloudforce and Spotify did their presentation on their use of Salesforce (like Rypple) and how they integrate the packages into their company with such great success. While surfing around the internet I came across Spotify’s competition page on Facebook, I thought to

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the bloggers handbook

The Blogger’s Handbook

Well normally i would rate apps and software, so this time i’m going old school media. I was at a conference last week and walked past a newsagent, normally i wouldnt go into one but i was filling in time, i checked out the tech section and picked up a copy of “The Blogger’s Handbook”. I

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Clipster video player for Facebook pages

Do you want to create a video player for your Facebook Page? Try an awesome new app called Clipster (NOTE: This app has now been decommissioned). In a few easy steps, you can create an awesome looking video player customised to your liking to attract your fans to keep coming back over and over again.

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Fresh new VIIRL videos

Try this new service which is in Beta testing, that combines the latest tweets from twitter mixed with the newest content from YouTube in a beautiful graphical user interface (GUI). Take a few minutes or a few hours and lose yourself in this unique video content. Head on over to and start tuning out to the magic

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Are you an AppSumo Junkie?

If you like your tech apps like me, check out AppSumo ( At AppSumo you can grab some great deals on software, video’s, e-books and much much more! AppSumo also gives away free stuff too… even better than the heavily discounted deals which they run. Subscribe to their newsletter and be notified as soon as

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