it’s simple, why didn’t anyone else thing of it?

Finding informative content on the web is as important. THOORA has way to discover and share this content by you creating topics, or simply use some of THOORA’s.

You could describe THOORA as a Tivo for Web content, click the ‘heart’ to like the story, click the ‘trash can’ if you are not a fan, after a while, THOORA will get smarter and really deliver the content you want to read about.

Got an RSS feed? no problem, THOORA can also suck this into your content feed. Got someone you want to follow on Twitter, also not a problem, add their Twitter name… let THOORA sought through it all.

I have instantly fallen in love with this site, great design, got a great infographic feel to it, easy to use navigation. I can’t wait for an iPhone app for this one, i know it will be something which i will want to flatten my battery with!

Thoora Screenshot
Thoora Screenshot