Zite – Personalized Magazine

You like Flipboard? Try another app called Zite. Zite lets you add your twitter feed or GoogleReader to your magazine, you can choose from a long list of subjects to add to your feed or if you want to really drill it down to a specific subject, you can type your subject manually in. Once

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Want flash on the iPad?

So you want to use flash on your iPad, well you can now and it’s simple! Simply download a new app from the app store called iSwifter. It’s a browser which can handle flash for the iPad. When you first use it, after 30 seconds it will ask you to purchase the app. You can

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Top 5 iPhone apps i use

So, first up, I must come clean and advise I have an addiction to iPhone apps! It doesn’t matter if they are paid ones or freebies, I just got to have the latest and greatest! My poor credit card gets a whacking from iTunes, got to keep the economy going hey! So as I flick through the

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