What to say to Siri

So you got an iPhone 4S and you want to play around with Siri?

Here’s How…

Hold in the HOME button for a about 2 seconds, then talk into your iPhone and ask a question like…

“Who are you?”
“Where is ….” but only works in the United States
“Talk dirty to me”
“What time is it in ….”
“What is the temperature”
“Whats the weather for…”
“What time is sunset?”
“What do you look like”
“Tell me a story”
“Call me …”
“I love Siri”
“Whats my name?”
“Do i make you horny” also only works in the US
“Who is ….” say a name from your address book
“Do you love me?”
“How are you?”
“Can you wake me at 8AM/PM”
“Beam me up”
“Tell me a joke”
“Tell {insert name} {add message} e.g. “Tell Darren I am late”
“Testing testing 1 2 3”
“Your a bitch!”
“Why are you sassy?”

What questions did you ask Siri?