Google - The Year In Search 2018

Google - The Year In Search 2018

GOOD was the outstanding search term for 2018 but what did many of us search for? Google explains in this year's YouTube clip.

Credits: Google (YouTube)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Do you hear the term SEO or Search Engine Optimization and wonder what it all means? and Common Craft have got together and brought out this 3 minute video to help explain what its all about and putting into terms that you will understand...

Thanks to searchengineland via YouTube

Social Media Revolution 2011

Social Media Revolution 2011

Part of the world's most watched Social Media video series; "Social Media Revolution" by Erik Qualman. Based on #1 International Best Selling Book Socialnomics by Erik Qualman. This is a shorter version that includes new social media statistics for 2011.

Thanks to Socialnomics09 via YouTube

The World Is Obsessed With Facebook

The World Is Obsessed With Facebook

Thanks to for serving as inspiration and providing the data through "Obsessed With Facebook"​blog/​facebook-obsession

An informational motion graphics piece by Alex Trimpe Music by RJD2

The Social Media Revolution 2012

The Social Media Revolution 2012

The Social Media Revolution is here, RIGHT HERE!

Credits: TheTotalProfit (YouTube)

Have you tried CLIK for iPhone?

Have you tried CLIK for iPhone?

Well, i follow some random people on Twitter and also some big names too, i like to follow technology and social media Twitter accounts and I get some great idea’s from reading peoples tweets. But i recently followed @Clik.

I got a Direct Message (DM) from Clik the other day to try their iPhone app, i thought “why not give it a crack!”, so i downloaded the CLIK app (which is free) from iTunes and installed it on my phone.

I ran the app and was instantly amazed.

So, you run the app on your phone and follow the very simple instructions, you dont have to sign up for anything, just run it, then on a device which has a browser, visit The browser will then produce a QR code on the screen, hold up your phone which is running Clik, point it at the browser and it scans the QR code in automatically. Now, look back at your iPhone again and now there is a list of video’s you can browse, select a video or search for a video to play but instead of watching it on your phone, it will play in the browser… now i think this is pretty sweet… i am totally amazed!!!

Clik describes themselves as “a brand new Smart TV platform that lets you turn any screen with a browser into your screen by simply scanning it with your smartphone” as per their twitter bio.

All in all, i must say, this is one of my favourite iPhone apps at the moment…

I also tried bringing up the browser on a D-Link Boxee Box and once again, this app just magically works, HD Video’s on the big screen! NICE!

So if you havent tried CLIK, give it a go and download it to your iPhone or Android today!

Head on over to and check it out… by the way, i also love their site… Nice jobs CLIK!

Meet Harry

Meet Harry

This is my Crazy Dog! Ya got to love him!

What to say to Siri

What to say to Siri

So you got an iPhone 4S and you want to play around with Siri?

Here’s How…

Hold in the HOME button for a about 2 seconds, then talk into your iPhone and ask a question like…

“Who are you?”
“Where is ….” but only works in the United States
“Talk dirty to me”
“What time is it in ….”
“What is the temperature”
“Whats the weather for…”
“What time is sunset?”
“What do you look like”
“Tell me a story”
“Call me …”
“I love Siri”
“Whats my name?”
“Do i make you horny” also only works in the US
“Who is ….” say a name from your address book
“Do you love me?”
“How are you?”
“Can you wake me at 8AM/PM”
“Beam me up”
“Tell me a joke”
“Tell {insert name} {add message} e.g. “Tell Darren I am late”
“Testing testing 1 2 3”
“Your a bitch!”
“Why are you sassy?”

What questions did you ask Siri?

CLIPIK – Turning your video into masterpieces!

CLIPIK – Turning your video into masterpieces!

As featured on such big named websites as MASHABLE, SOCIAL TIMES and GIGAOM comes CLIPIK.

Turn your video, photos and music into a masterpiece, well not you, a video professional will do it for you at a great cost.

Simple choose your plan, tell the ‘cutting room crew’ a bit about your video and how you would like it, upload your video, photos and music and in 5 days tops, you will have a perfectly crafted  video… it cant get any simpler than that… truly, IT CANT!

Visit their website for a few examples – you wont be disappointed!




it’s simple, why didn’t anyone else thing of it?

Finding informative content on the web is as important. THOORA has way to discover and share this content by you creating topics, or simply use some of THOORA’s.

You could describe THOORA as a Tivo for Web content, click the ‘heart’ to like the story, click the ‘trash can’ if you are not a fan, after a while, THOORA will get smarter and really deliver the content you want to read about.

Got an RSS feed? no problem, THOORA can also suck this into your content feed. Got someone you want to follow on Twitter, also not a problem, add their Twitter name… let THOORA sought through it all.

I have instantly fallen in love with this site, great design, got a great infographic feel to it, easy to use navigation. I can’t wait for an iPhone app for this one, i know it will be something which i will want to flatten my battery with!

Thoora Screenshot

Thoora Screenshot


Well, my blog on my Tivo experience will be coming soon…

Just a heads up though, I just purchased a Tivo today and i get it home, i put it all together and i go to activate it but i cant… i check out the alerts on and it says you are doing maintenance on:

Wednesday, August 3 – 10am to 5pm (AEST)
Thursday, August 4 – 10am to 5pm (AEST)
Friday, August 5 – 10am to 5pm (AEST)
Monday, August 8 – 8am to 8pm (AEST)

Today is Saturday 6th August, 2011 and there is no scheduled maintenance…it’s not a good start…

I have sent an email to support…
… I have placed a message on Facebook ( )
… and i have tweeted Tivo too ( @TivoAustralia )

I am understanding that Tivo are doing maintenance but when their site says it should be right, then it should be right.

I have received the ‘canned’ email reply, lets see how they go at customer service and technical support from here.

Im happy that Tivo made a quick reply via their Facebook presence, 29 minutes which is great.
Im also happy with their response which just goes to show they do offer a good customer support.

This was their reply “yes no scheduled maintenance today. But don’t worry if it’s not activating, the TiVo is good for 7 days without online activation. If the problem persists over the weekend please email Support and they will address it after Tuesday.”

Im very excited to get it going… i do love new gadgets!

So coming next, i will give my verdict on the Tivo Media Device, give me a couple of days to play with it! :)

**UPDATE 2**
Account Activated: Mission accomplish! Now the fun begins! :)

I purchased the Network package – what a great waste of time for a Mac User! Avoid purchasing, its basically, $100 donation into the Tivo company, it does nothing for the user!

I tried to contact Tivo to ask for assistance, but no reply, no support on their website…nothing…

Overall, I do like the Tivo product except for the Network Package…. this has failed me and has let the product down! Tivo need to look at the Mac market, as things have changed over the last few years with the advent of iPhone, iPad etc, their user base has grown quiet significantly!

Social Media Monitoring

Looking to monitor your social networks? Check out this extensive lists of Social Media Monitoring Solutions courtesy of

Do you recommend any? Let us know and leave a comment below.

Facebook Video Chat

Facebook Video Chat

Have you set up your Facebook Video Chat yet? Simply surf on over to and follow the simple directions and within a minute you can be video chatting with your Facebook friends.

All you need to do is to download a plugin via Facebook (around about 500kb) after it has been installed, you can then go to your list of friends that are online via the chat console, select a friend, and select the little video camera icon “start a video chat”. If your friend hasn’t set it up, it will automatically go through the same process for you friend.

Twitter + Television = Twelevision

Twitter + Television = Twelevision

Do you jump onto twitter and follow everyone who is tweeting about a live television show? If so, you should give “Twelevision” a crack!

Download the Twelevision app from iTunes (price – Free for a limited time) and log on in with your twitter account. It will ask you to pick your state and area (in Australia) and bobs your uncle.

It will hook into the Australian tv guides and will have the channel listing on the left hand side. Simply pick a channel and a show and watch everyone tweeting about it… You can also join in on the fun and tweet too.


So after using Twelevision over the last 24 hours, i found some nice hidden bits which i didnt discover the night before. So i thought i would tell you about them!

If you click on a channel/show to tweet about and select someones tweet, the screen slides across, you can then preview the selected tweet, reply to it or simply retweet. You are also able to give someone a “sticker”, Twelevision define a sticker as “No need to type your opinions, there is a suite of emotion-charged Response Stickers you can slap on any tweet with one touch.” You select one of the 8 stickers for a quick responce to someones tweet which is a nice way to let someone know how you feel without having to waste time thinking of something to respond with, that makes it nice and easy! Some of the other features are, you can view the persons Twitter profile, view their latest Tweet(s), see who they are following, you can also add their followers to your Twitter account, see what they are watching PLUS see if they have earned any Twelevision badges.

Speaking of badges, similar to other social networking applications such as FourSquare, users who utilise Twelevision can earn badges the more they use the app. Some of the badges you can earn are “Drama Queens, Couch potato, Rookie and Night Owl”. This gives the user a bit of a goal when using the app and we all want those badges!

Other advanced options are customising your channel listing, so here you can turn on or off what channels to view on your TV guide and just like Twitter itself, you can view your “mentions” and “recent tweets“.

The more i use Twelevision, the more i am loving it, this app is really catered to the avid fan who likes tweeting about live TV shows, if that sounds like you, get yourself a copy today!

Twelevision is available for iPad and now iPhone.

For more information on the app, visit their website at – let some one else do it for a fiver! – let some one else do it for a fiver!

Need a logo created? Want an itinerary done for a city you are visiting? Do you collect postcards from around the world? Or something crazy like have someone wear a t-shirt for the day with a message on it? Well You have come to the right place! Simply head over to, sign up and have someone else do the tasks for you.

The categories that you can choose from are:

Social Marketing
Music & Audio
Fun & Bizarre
Tips & Advice
Other ( it’s real miscellaneous!)

Not only can you purchase services but if you have a special skill, you too can offer it to the Fiverr audience.

When you read someone’s profile and find out what service they offer, you can also read the reviews on this task to see if the seller is legit and does what he/she says.

If you are happy for this seller to perform the task, click on over to the “Order Now” button and it will take you to paypal to pay for the transaction. Below the “Order Now” button it advises you how many other people are waiting for their task to be done by this seller. It will give you a rough idea on how long you are going to wait.

Once you order the product/task and the transaction has been paid for, the seller will give you more instructions on what happens next and then you receive the end product some time after that.

Once you receive your order, you can then rate the seller and write a review on them so other buyers get a good idea if the product is worth while.

It’s a great service and one in which I have used a few times now with no issue from the seller (so far!) so check out today.