Google - The Year In Search 2018

Google - The Year In Search 2018

GOOD was the outstanding search term for 2018 but what did many of us search for? Google explains in this year's YouTube clip.

Credits: Google (YouTube)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Do you hear the term SEO or Search Engine Optimization and wonder what it all means? and Common Craft have got together and brought out this 3 minute video to help explain what its all about and putting into terms that you will understand...

Thanks to searchengineland via YouTube

Social Media Revolution 2011

Social Media Revolution 2011

Part of the world's most watched Social Media video series; "Social Media Revolution" by Erik Qualman. Based on #1 International Best Selling Book Socialnomics by Erik Qualman. This is a shorter version that includes new social media statistics for 2011.

Thanks to Socialnomics09 via YouTube

The World Is Obsessed With Facebook

The World Is Obsessed With Facebook

Thanks to for serving as inspiration and providing the data through "Obsessed With Facebook"​blog/​facebook-obsession

An informational motion graphics piece by Alex Trimpe Music by RJD2

The Social Media Revolution 2012

The Social Media Revolution 2012

The Social Media Revolution is here, RIGHT HERE!

Credits: TheTotalProfit (YouTube)

Zite – Personalized Magazine

Zite – Personalized Magazine

You like Flipboard? Try another app called Zite.

Zite lets you add your twitter feed or GoogleReader to your magazine, you can choose from a long list of subjects to add to your feed or if you want to really drill it down to a specific subject, you can type your subject manually in.

Once the magazine is started up, it looks for feeds on the subjects you selected, it will provide you with personalised news, blogs, videos etc.

Once you are reading your stories, you can “thumbs up or thumbs down” on the stories so it learns on what you are reading about, the more you vote, the smarter it gets and produces the content you want to read about.

Zite Personalized Magazine

Want flash on the iPad?

So you want to use flash on your iPad, well you can now and it’s simple!

Simply download a new app from the app store called iSwifter. It’s a browser which can handle flash for the iPad.

iSwifterWhen you first use it, after 30 seconds it will ask you to purchase the app. You can either purchase it or press cancel. If you press cancel, the browser will close and then open it up and continue to use it, otherwise purchase it for more

Try playing some flash games or view a your favourite flash site… It’s not a bad app!

Download iSwifter

Media: Twitter Embeds

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How to use Boxee

Are you new to Boxee? Why not check out a new app within Boxee called “Butterscotch”,its full of Boxee tutorials.

If you navigate (from the main screen) to APPS > scroll through all the apps and look for Butterscotch > click on it and scroll through the latest entries, there are many tutorials on “how to use Boxee”.

Check it out!


If you use twitter and you want to keep track of your tweets, check this service out.

Twistory or TWItter hiSTORY.

You can use their free account but the pro account is well worth the big US$1 per month.

TwistorySo what Twistory will do, it will download your tweets into your iCal, Outlook or google calendar, you can set it to download multiple times per day and it places all your tweeting into you calendar, so you can see on this day, i tweeted “blaaaaa….” It’s great for backing up your tweet’s and making a diary of them.

Get it today…. Twistory.

Top 5 iPhone apps i use

Top 5 iPhone apps i use

So, first up, I must come clean and advise I have an addiction to iPhone apps! It doesn’t matter if they are paid ones or freebies, I just got to have the latest and greatest! My poor credit card gets a whacking from iTunes, got to keep the economy going hey! So as I flick through the many folders and the many pages of apps that I have on my iPhone, here are the top 5 I just got to have to get me through the day! 

In top place is the FACEBOOK app (
Event though there are still a few bugs in this app, it gets a huge amount of attention from me. Not only does it keep me up to date with what all my friends are doing, I always use this to post photos straight into my online profile so everyone knows where & what i’m doing… i’m a bit into the exhibitionist thing here!

Twittelator ProIn Second place is my favourite Twitter App, Twittelator Pro ( Now if anyone can tell me of anything better, im all ears but I just love this app. It has so many awesome features for a twitter app. I also have the iPad version too which also rocks! Some of the features it has post to Facebook wall, create audio and video tweets, drafts and offline tweeting, create lists and view other users lists, nearby tweets, handles many accounts, oh and the list goes on and on, so get this app folks! Twittelator also comes in a free version, but why not upgrade and pay for the full version, it’s much better!

In Third place is the TWiT app. (
I use this app daily, while i’m driving to work, when i’m at work and via my Boxee Box (and Boxee app for Mac, Windows and Apple TV). I love the how Leo and the team have developed this app so we are able to watch the live feed. I have my iPhone in the car cradle and stream the podcast while i’m driving or while I am being driven around. Even though it is irresponsible to have this streaming, i dont watch it, i just need to know it’s there! It’s a great app for anyone techie – keeps you informed and updated with all things technology and beyond! You can also sign into their IRC and be part of the live chat, even interact with Leo and the team while they are live to air. You can listen to the live audio podcast or view any of the past video/audio podcasts. So do yourself a favour and spend the AU$1.19 and grab this app.

Number 4 would be the original FourSquare app (, what better price… FREE! I had a good crack at Gowalla but  I was forever adding places to Gowalla. If I was in another place like the US, i’m sure I wouldn’t have to add as many places but for where I live, I was forever adding them. So FourSquare, you got my attention! So my non-iPhone, non-techie friends would ask “what is it?”. I always stumble on this one and say “umm it’s like you check-in, like a hotel, but you let all you friends know where you check in, it could be a cafe, a shopping centre, a park or even checking into your apartment”, but why would you want to tell your friends you are home? When you check-in you can become the “Mayor” of that place and people can take your mayorship off you if you don’t check into that place often enough. You also get badges, you can share photos, receive comments, you can also get freebies and discounts via this app and earn point. When I go travelling, I like to have a competition with my friends, to see how many points & check-ins each of us can get while we travel around. But that just me!

Lucky Last is my GPS. I am currently using Sygic ( Wow, currently its only $29.99 (this weekend – 26/02/11), When I paid for it, it was discounted to $60 and I thought that was good. So when I moved to Melbourne a few years ago, I had my Navman, which was a lifesaver, then my iPhone came along and the Navman has sat in my glovebox since then. With Sygic, you get map updates for free which is why Navman is still sitting in my glovebox, if only they learnt that people don’t like to keep forking out money after you have bought something… one day hey! I must be honest, I have found this app to be very reliable. Some of the features it has are:

  • All the maps are on your phone,
  • text-to-speech so it tells you the name of the street,
  • doesn’t require an internet connection (unless you want to, if you use internet with it, it gives you more features),
  • speed camera and red light camera alerts,
  • uses WhereIs aswell… Gone are the days of the dreaded street directory…
  • These are just some features, check them out for a full listing…

So, thats it! Top 5 daily used apps! If you have any apps worth me trying out… let me know… So what do you use…let me know!

NOTE: Twittelator Pro had a free update today, it includes:

  • Configure your own customer URL
  • Photo’s shown in app
  • See retweeters total count
  • Saved ReadItLater links
  • Emoji panel fix
  • Long DM’s will no tuse Twitlonger due to violation to twitter


Designrfix | Graphic Design Inspiration – Tutorials & Web Design Resources

Designrfix | Graphic Design Inspiration – Tutorials & Web Design Resources

I came across this awesome site today, Designrfix, im sure i have been following these guys for a few days on twitter but i decided to check out their site, oh, im gonna be stuck on their site for quiet some time, it’s full of all sorts of goodies to keep me entertained!

If you like design, why don’t you check it out.

Designrfix | Graphic Design Inspiration.

Watch on the Boxee Box

Watch on the Boxee Box

So, I have an account with but I don’t want to watch it on my laptop and keep switching from the tutorial video to the application I am learning about. Why not watch on my plasma? I tried getting to work through the Boxee browser app but it would not work as you can’t sign into it. I looked into creating an app but this is going take some time to learn and develop. In the end, I gave up.

D-Link Boxee Box

D-Link Boxee Box

I thought about it for a few days and it dawned on me….(insert light bulb here!)


I jumped onto the Boxee box and searched Bing for their login page and found it. So in the Boxee search box, enter this address: . This takes you to actual login page of instead of using the front page portal. All you need to do now is to sign into your account and use your remote control to select what you want watch, and voila, on the big screen.

Now I can learn in the comfort of my lounge room with my laptop sitting on my lap – no more flicking screens!